Artistic swimming (Synchro) is a demanding sport that provides swimmers with many unique skills and opportunities.

Physical demands include advanced water skills, great strength, endurance, flexibility, grace, artistry and precise timing, as well as exceptional breath control when upside down under the water. Psychological strength such as mental toughness and leadership skills such as determination, work ethic, and commitment are developed and nurtured as part of the team.

Our club is primarily a competitive sport club, and we  work in the direction to compete and attain better results while improving the skill level and experience of the competitive teams. Contact us to find out more or Like us on Facebook to keep in touch.



15253543_1791872357742741_1453161265496431588_nThe club intends to offer programs for Artistic Swimmers looking to excel in their sport outside of the competitive atmosphere. The idea of a fun / recreational group is to expose more young athletes on Aruba to the thrill and positive life skills of Artistic Swimming.

Focusing on the basic skill levels of all and teaching them all aspects of this great and unique sport. Every end of year athletes will perform publicly to show off their skills.

Contact us to find out more or Like us on Facebook to keep in touch.