About Us

The Barracudas was founded in 1970 as a Swimming and Water Polo club and in 1973 Water Ballet was added. Nowadays, the Barracudas Artistic Swimming Club is a nonprofit sports organization and exists for the sole purpose of training athletes to compete internationally in the sport of Artistic Swimming.

The club currently consists of 30 active athletes and 15 newcomers. Athletes undergo intensive training six days a week, approximately 25 hours per week, and are trained by a coaching staff consisting of a professional international selection coach, a full-time international club coach, and one part-time local coach. These coaches regularly attend international clinics to maintain and improve their coaching knowledge and skills so that they can continue to help athletes improve and prepare for the international competitions. Supporting the coaching staff are a sports-psychologist, nutritionist, cross-trainer and a masseuse.

During the early years, when it was still known as Water ballet, the main focus was to give presentations / shows at the local hotels. There were small competitions between Aruba and Curacao, and now and then Aruba would travel in the region to participate in CCCAN competitions. However, as the years passed the sport became more competitive and now the main focus is competition.

The club has only had female athletes although boys are allowed to practice this sport. The athletes are divided into five age-based categories:

  • Beginners, 12 and under;
  • 13-15 and 16-18 year olds
  • and the Senior Team.

There are also a group of athletes who, once a week, perform routines at a local hotel. This activity assists in the clubs finances while promoting the club to the islands guests.

Mission Statement

Barracudas Aruba recruits, prepares and develops athletes at all levels and abilities to achieve their full potential in the sport of artistic swimming.  A well-structured environment that nurtures athletes to be able to have fun, make new friends, strive for excellence and learn about participating and competing in a demanding team sport. 

Vision Statement

Instill the love for artistic swimming in athletes, parents and the community of Aruba.


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